Sanjay Dutt positive with COVID 19 crises wants fun with family

Sanjay Dutt positive with COVID 19 crises wants fun with family

“I miss them so much. To everyone who is with their families right now, cherish them”. Declared Film actor Sanjay Dutt on Twitter. He missed so many friends that he couldn’t meet them during this crises of COVID 19. Sanjay Dutt positive and fears not missing his friends at all. He wants everyone to take precautions and live happily with their families.

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The ever optimistic actor, who was also in prison for even his no major crime had put forth his views. This way Mr Dutt wants people to be aware of the lifestyle that has changed. Sanjay Dutt positively appealed to the people not to panic. And he’s always ready for any shortcomings. Sanjay Dutt is positive and so all his fans needs to be.

We’ve covered 100 posts on COVID 19 just for our readers to be cautious and optimistic. Never move out on streets for no valid reasons. Meeting friends is gone in the past and at present people should use phones to get connected.

You can also use Google duo service to make group calls with your family and friends. You’ll be connected with your WhatsApp groups on group calls made with the use of Google duo. So, make the most out of this app. And remember to enjoy indoor with your family most of the time.

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