Cow slaughter ban causes huge damage to crop as few lose lives too

Cow slaughter ban causes huge damage to crop as few lose lives too

Residents of relatively prosperous village Kuiyan badly hit with stray cattle menace. “Stray cattle destroyed our standing crop as Cow slaughter ban caused huge losses’’. Said Bal Govind Verma resident of the Kuiyan village.

He was shocked when his village and other neighboring villages also witness deaths due to stray cattle. His friend’s wife succumbed to injuries as a Bull hit her hard. She died and for many reasons Cow slaughter ban made the farmers to weep more than anything else.

The cruelty over Cows not seen when Cow slaughter houses used to export Beef. And as the slaughtering of Cows or Bulls limited currently because of exports have come down to a new low. This is so because of the pandemic COVID 19.

It was also learned that BJP govt was too harsh over the people without any reason. And as the BJP Bakhts or BJP followers found meat other than beef then they created panic. And started mob lynching without confirming the people had actually slaughtered Cows or Bulls.

So many people were harassed and few others killed brutally. Murders of innocents is good enough for the BJP govt for divide and rule. BJP is responsible to allow stray Cows to damage crop and human lives. This is so because farmers were told not to slaughter Cows. They wanted to sell off the cows but failed because of “new rules”.

Henceforth, it’s horrible situation for India as stray Cows or Bulls creating trouble in many villages. Poor farmers have to deal with Cow slaughter ban and are in major crises of crop damages and lives. It was reported on Tuesday.

Khalid M Raza

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