Thursday, February 22, 2024
83 people died in Bihar lightening strike as PM plays his magic again

83 people died in Bihar lightening strike as PM plays his magic again

83 people died in Bihar lightening strike as huge loss of property witnessed. PM Modi was sad for the dead people and for some damage to businesses and properties. PM Modi couldn’t able revive India’s economy and create jobs since 2014. It was his magical use of words again for the people of Bihar, and for some people of UP. He tweeted condolence message about the tragic incident. And nothing he could explain when his followers asked him to explain for their joblessness.  

Some people also quoted as saying “Jaa Bhai 2020, Bass Abb”. Go 2020, enough is enough. BJP will rule India even if 2020 passes by and BJP followers liked the magical use of words of PM Modi. Over 70000 people liked the tweet of PM Narendra Modi and still counting. He used his words and left his message on Social Media giant Twitter. Earlier, Narendra Modi spoke many lies.

And he used media to hide the atrocities over the people of Kashmir. He can say whatever he likes to as his blind followers knows how to live troubled lives. They know PM Modi as their god and take his mistakes as blessings. And his failure in taking India towards progress or fighting against COVID-19 also went unnoticed.  

We’re here to come with more stories and deeply saddened over the tragic incident. 83 people died and businesses and properties damaged. It was another crises. And will be ignored. BJP only uses words. And never takes any relief operation to help the families of the dead and the jobless youth. The jobless youth hurt a lot and most of them committing suicides.

Khalid M Raza

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