Thursday, November 30, 2023
Prayers at Masjids maintain distancing this way in India too

Prayers at Masjids maintain distancing this way in India too

It’s fine for those, who prefer to pray 4 rakats of Friday prayers at their respective homes, say scholars. It is even better for them to offer all their prayers at Masjids with proper distancing to gain more rewards.

However, very few Masjids in Hyderabad allowing Muslims to gather as close as they do conversations easily. Religious gatherings for all the religions across India needs to be avoided. Muslims and Non Muslims spreading the deadly COVID-19 to their own friends & relatives and more others. This is not acceptable. A Muslim always submits his or her will to the Almighty. And he or she is like a tree to provide fruits as well as shadows. So, there are some precautions needs to be maintained. Masjids in India maintaining good distancing as 5 time prayers performed with proper care.

However, there’s a major concern about the small shop owners to spread the infectious disease on a large or small scale. They do not take proper care when they keep on selling their products.

Immediately after the Azaan announced, prayers performed and there’s no possible risk for Muslims to get infected. They do Wuzu (Ablution) and are clean enough as such with maintaining proper distancing, they pray. Those, who want to pray in Masjids should be free from even minor symptoms.

This also needs to be followed because Islam does not prefer Muslims to pray even with foul smells. They shouldn’t enter Masjids or Mosques after consuming raw onion or garlic etc. Prayers at Masjids performed with as much care as possible. Yes, it’s better to be prepared rather than immediately rush to the Mosques after hearing the call of prayers.

Khalid M Raza

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