Friday, December 1, 2023
Preparation of vaccine delayed as COVID-19 symptoms changing

Preparation of vaccine delayed as COVID-19 symptoms changing

Many people aren’t ready to believe that preparation of vaccine can actually cure COVID-19. And so it’s better to be cautious as much as possible. India and the World scientists believed to be announcing Aug 15 as vaccine day. And it might be on or before Aug 15 for preparation of vaccine.  

Common symptoms like dry cough, cold, fever and breathlessness not seen in all the COVID-19 patients. However, stomach upset also noted as another symptom of COVID-19. There are many other symptoms found in COVID-19 patients such as other organs of human body failing to respond. Earlier, lungs affected but now severe gastric trouble and lose motions also are the symptoms of COVID-19. The deadly virus seems to be attacking other organs to live for a long period of time.

This infectious disease finding new routes to be more deadly in some time. However, there’s nothing to get panicked over such symptoms other than the earlier reported symptoms of COVID-19.

If you take precautions and wash your hands frequently, change your masks at proper times, you’ll still be safe. And if you have headache or gastric trouble then doctors are not sure that they need to carry out testing for COVID-19. Thus, preparation of vaccine might be delayed and it’s better to keep ourselves safe and let others live peacefully.

Diarrhea patients were also discovered to be suffering from COVID-19 and kidney patients too. It’s too early to conclude that new symptoms are scary and so do not panic. And be prepared to follow the guidelines to avoid the infection. Maintaining social distancing is the best for everyone.

Khalid M Raza

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