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How Coffee twice daily with or without sugar can prevent major diseases?

How Coffee twice daily with or without sugar can prevent major diseases?

Dr Chopra is a liver expert. He wrote a lot about the benefits of Coffee. Coffee drinkers help their health as well as their immune systems and enjoy having Coffee. This means that Coffee is a time pass drink as well as a prevention for you from major diseases. Coffee drinkers have low risk of type 2 diabetes. Low risk of Parkinson’s disease and five types of cancer. At least we need to consume Coffee twice daily for our own health benefits.

He said that Coffee is one of the most helpful protector of health. Coffee drinkers have good healthy livers. They’ve less unhealthy and dangerous tissues in liver. The primary occurrence of liver cancers avoidable easily when people get habituated to Coffee.

An American media person interviewed Dr Chopra and this is what we’ve for you. Liver architecture remains without any damage for Coffee drinkers and so they live longer. A regular intake of Coffee twice daily contributes a lot to keep you away from various more diseases. The question comes in our mind that how many cups of intake should be good on a daily basis?

Regular Coffee is beneficial more than decaf. If you want to sweeten the Coffee then do not use Sugar substituents. Use sugar. For example, you can also have Coca Cola but in little quantity and that too not a diet Coke. Diet Coke is dangerous than normal Coke.

Coffee twice daily is better and even better if you take thrice a day at whatever time suitable to you. Medium sized cup is enough. You can drink Coffee with or without Sugar but no sugar substituents. Thanks. Be safe, remain indoor, and enjoy cup of Coffee too with your family.

Khalid M Raza

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