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COVID19 recovered patients suffering from various illness explained

COVID19 recovered patients suffering from various illness explained

We’ve already seen that the World is in a stop position with this hidden minute thing. It was Coronavirus earlier and then later on named as COVID-19. It was also made in China as some of the people claim. But, do they explain you to be more careful as your entire life will be wasteful if you get infected? Well, let’s know the explanation from the COVID19 recovered patients to go deep into the health issues. People still suffering after their recovery and this is very serious.

We must know the impact of COVID19 even after thinking positively that we can recover because of our strong immunity. Once you’re careless then you’re nowhere. You’ll belong then to some other category. And people will be afraid to meet you. Your carelessness can make you the victim of COVID19. Even if you can afford the best of the treatments available in the market, you’ll be left with more worries.

Hospital market is so much focused to either charge you more for treatment or for any result or outcome. The best result or outcome after you get admitted in any hospital is your recovery. But, as it’s earlier told that COVID19 recovered patients still suffering and why? Hospitals can say that you’re recovered and after charging you hefty fee, they’ll discharge you. However, death is better than living with post COVID symptoms.

Why COVID19 Recovered Patients Suffer?

COVID19 recovered patients never allowed in the media to tell their stories or the media never takes their interviews. Few cases reached us and that too for our wanting to know what’s their post COVID19 symptoms? One person told that he used to fall down several times whenever he wanted to walk. Another post COVID symptom is weakness and severe headache. People suffer a lot even after getting cured from COVID-19. So, it’s better to take precautions as much as possible to stay away from this infectious disease.

You’re healthy. And it’s fine. Try to take good care else you’ll complain too.

COVID19 recovered patients suffer a lot. And it’s the fact. However, people need to be in a happy mood when they get infected from the pandemic COVID-19. This is so because if they feel happy and in good mood then they’ll be recovered soon. And fortunately they’ll be discharged from the hospitals. COVID-19 has no cure. And it’s proper treatment and vaccine not yet discovered.

So, we can still say COVID-19 recovered people as COVID19 recovered patients. Right? They suffer because of the drawbacks of their medication in the hospitals. Immunity boosters and strong nutritious diets could not do any wonders. They’ll still suffer after their recovery. The best outcome is death and nothing else. Be prepared and also be careful as we need to live with this pandemic for years to come.

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