BJP puts India in trouble as China plays teasingly with “surrender Modi”

BJP puts India in trouble as China plays teasingly with “surrender Modi”

BJP govt should protect India rather than creating fake reports to create a make believe world for the Indians. It’s time to be loud and clear and seek support from major countries like USA. This is confusing that even though BJP puts India in trouble, media reporting fake news. Well, BJP puts India in trouble because they’re creating fake reports during the times of war.

Every Indian has the right to know what’s happening? BJP is focused over minor issues rather than speaking actively in support of all Indians. BJP govt needs to avoid speaking lies. But they’re much bothered about their own good. Thus, BJP troubling Indians more and more. Trouble and more trouble awaits for India under BJP govt.

Indian media speaks about China moving back and then it’s again shocking that China actually moving forward. China is playing their own games on front foot while Indian media still supporting BJP govt. “We would do whatever we want to and let India do their home work to fight against us”. A spokesperson from Chinese media told in brief report.

The report also claimed that India will be the loser. And India will lose Kashmir too in couple of months. However, many experts believe that BJP puts India in trouble if they continue speaking lies. The more fake reports highlighted in India, the worse situation would be for the future of Indians. BJP should come forward for allowing people of India to know the truth. No benefits to the poor Indians and no jobs for the middle class. It’s another concern to understand.

Losing portions of land is the greatest loss than what BJP did to create unemployment. India will be in deep trouble if BJP govt never understands that China trying to make inroads more.

BJP puts India in Trouble & More…

Fake Media reports continue to flourish in India. And the World is confused over what to believe and what not to? BJP also providing fake COVID-19 data to the World. The death rate unmatched with the number of COVID-19 cases. India will be questioned over the fake data of COVID-19. Number of COVID-19 cases in India crossed over 6 million and deaths crossed over 200 thousand. This means that India cannot benefit with necessary inputs from WHO to control the huge spread of the pandemic in India.

Debates are on. And India needs to act straightforwardly and benefit the Indians in the early 2021 at least. This is so because researchers say that from Feb 2021, India will have 2,87,000 COVID-19 cases per day. It’s another impact that India needs to deal with. Else 2021 will be more troubled than the already troubled 2020. If this is so then it’s time for major BJP leaders including “surrender Modi” to resign.

Will he or others resign or not? They would not do so because they’re playing their best card of divide and rule in India. And the BJP leaders’ followers blindly following BJP’s fake reports. And there’s still time to realize if not sooner then later at least. Time is coming up to destroy BJP and all Indians needs to be in unity. Religion barriers will not help India anymore.

Khalid M Raza

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