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COVID-19 pandemic means to think positively and remain at homes?

COVID-19 pandemic means to think positively and remain at homes?

The COVID-19 pandemic is here for us to think positively and remain unharmed with reasons. The reasons are too many to make us think that why we can’t meet people we know? We must stop social gatherings and stop worshiping in too close congregations. It means that all of us stay at homes every time.

Only we should go out of homes for some valid reasons. Yet, we cannot attend the funerals in large or few numbers or even we cannot see the COVID-19 patients to remain safe.We know we’ve sympathies for the victims of COVID-19 but for us not to spread the virus we should be indoors. However, the negative effect on your physical and mental health needs to be coped up with. 

You need to help yourself and your family to stay healthy at home during this period of COVID-19 pandemic.

All countries in the world put restricted movements as part of their efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19. A large number of people infected with COVID-19 throughout the world. All of us should make huge changes to our daily routines.

You can find more information on WHO Website.

Working from home, temporary unemployment, online studies and lack of physical contact with other family members are worrying us. This can take time to get used to. We must follow the rules first as this is a peak period of Aug-Sept or more months to come. Lifestyle changes are challenging for all of us. This can be much of difficulties to people with mental health conditions.

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There are lot of things that we can do to look after our health. Try to help others during this COVID-19 pandemic as you’ll feel much better with your good deeds.

Khalid M Raza

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