United States layoffs worrying outsiders in large numbers

United States layoffs worrying outsiders in large numbers

The “outsiders” in the United States includes US citizens from different countries of birth. They used to work in US and send money to their relatives in India and to other nations as applicable. Also they survive with their skillful work in supermarkets and other stores. These people troubled with large number of layoffs. However, exceptional workers only stuck with their jobs in stores as night shifts removed due to the pandemic.

It’s also shocking for the overseas students in the US. Most troubled overseas students are Indians as their dreams vanished in thin air. Most of them worried because they took admissions in US’s universities in the years 2015, 2016 and since 2019. This is so because of H1B visas become outdated with new rules. Only option for them to stay in the United States is by spending money for further education.

Students even since 2010 are still studying in the United States. They were optimistic over grabbing better status in future with H1B visas. However, they’re looking forward with their reach to migrate in other countries. They’ll not return back to India if they’re Indians but they’ll spend more money for migrating to Canada, etc. Similar cases reported from the people belonging mostly to Asian countries.

The current scenario for Indians, who have lesser skills worrying their families living in countries of origin because of continuous layoffs. United States is looking forward to benefit their own citizens rather than look into the green card applications. No green card and no H1B visas destroying particularly the dreams of Indians, who prefer to get established in the US.

Layoffs in United States worrying

One Mr Farook Khan working in the US legally as US citizen told us: “Lots of layoffs worrying and I have to work in the day shift because of the pandemic. I was working in the night shift, which was comfortable for me. The day shift worker lost the job”. Another person quoted as saying that he used to work 6 days per week. But he’s now working one day per week. Is it enough earning when people work one day per week? United States used to build careers of Indian students. The students used to complete their studies and look for jobs. And they get jobs for them to apply for green card and later on they become US citizens.

Many Indian students marry US citizens and also many people on visit visas to the United States change to legal status. They do so by marrying US citizens. A visit visa or student visa for the United States was the dream of the Asians in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. People used to get excited when they get stamped with any type of US visa. From there they never look back. But during the current times, layoffs worrying many migrants in the United States.

Similar thing happened in the United Kingdom when post study work and later applying for PR was abrogated. PR (Permanent Residency) in the UK was used to be the boon for the Asian students. UK removed PSW (Post Study Work) in the year 2011. And this made many students to either remain in the UK as illegals or return back to their countries. UK was much better for Asians to earn good money before 2007. Everything bad happening for the NRIs including in the Gulf countries not to mention about Kuwait. For this read more here.

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  1. well all students who have been staying there in USA on temporary visas should be send back to their country even if they marry a US citizen its just a way out to procure permanent visa such activities should be discouraged and should be deported…

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