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Idol worship pleases idol worshipers for what purpose is debatable?

Idol worship pleases idol worshipers for what purpose is debatable?

Muslims around the world do not believe in idol worship. Muslims believe in the Unseen Creator of all creations. Creations include human beings and all that you’ve seen and all that you couldn’t see. You’re not in a stage or level to see the Almighty not even the Messengers (Peace Be Upon Them All). You can’t have that much strength to see the Almighty. The day will come for sure when you might be able to see your Creator. It’s better to prepare ourselves for the endless life after death. Why not?

There are stages when people of the world have been warned about worshiping the idols and been shown signs. The signs come to this world not for anything else then turning people to believe. They must know why the most popular religion Islam prohibits idol worship? The signs include many miracles that you’ve already seen or will see. These signs come and go and the reaction to the signs is knowing that there’s only one God.

Many Messengers were sent to the World in different parts of the world at different times with the message of peaceful life. And of worshiping the Creator but not His creations.

Why Idol Worship Prohibited?

Idol worship is prohibited in Islam. This is so because you can’t worship the creations besides the Creator. Think and decide and know more…

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was sent just over 1400 years back upon entire world with the message of Islam. Islam progressed from there on and continues to progress. This is the right stage for the people of the world to know about worshiping the Creator and to know about good deeds. You’re told to do good deeds and refrain from all bad and condemn idol worship in a peaceful way.

Can you imagine why you’ve been created? Can you know how you were born? Many questions like this you can ask to yourself. It’s just a piece of information for all. Idol worship pleases the idol worshipers as they want to see the Almighty God in the form that they create.

Idol Worship is What You Believe?

People in India make clay images of Ganesha or buy Ganesha idol, and do worship before immersing the idol in the rivers. This kind of worshiping is “fictitious” as in this case, God comes and goes, created and destroyed. Regardless of hurting anyone or any religion, it’s important to know that even idols like Ganesha can’t protect themselves. This worshiping involves welcoming the divine, bathing the idols, offering them food, clothes, perfumes, lamps, etc. Words of praise of idols go around wildly.

And chanting loudly with music in groups before the idols’ immersions do happen even though man learned a lot. Here, divinity seen as guest, and treated as guest. But the result is celebration after the immersion of Ganesha idols. A farewell and that’s just for pleasing idol worshipers and for what purpose?

These acts involve people to see the idol or the created God in front of their eyes and do worship. The name of God is chanted and the stories told as idol worshipers connected to something weaker than themselves. They bring home the idols wrapped in plastic or insulate them to save the idols from the rains or anything else. Worshiping the idols pleases them as they can’t worship their Lord, Who is Unseen till the day of judgement. They worship the creations and not the Creator and so they get pleased with their rituals.

Images also carved on stone or clay or metal. The gods look more like humans. But sometimes with multiple heads and hands, sometimes part animal, sometimes part bird. Is this not debatable?

Life is Not To Live as You Want To, But It’s a “Test”

Wealth and comfort of this world is provided to some people, so that they should be thankful. Good and bad life of the world is for all including to those who practice idol worship.

Almighty Allah is most Merciful and most Beneficent. You need to push yourself away from misconceptions and superstitions. Life of this World is a test and we should prepare ourselves for the unending life of the Hereafter. For what purpose you’ve been created?

Why don’t you understand that Almighty Allah does not like you to worship the creations or the dead people? You need to learn about living a peaceful life and you should learn to find a right path. Do not insult other religions at the same time or other beliefs. Live and let others live. However, you need to spread the message of peace to those, who believe and to those, who believe not.

Why purchase idols and keep worshiping them for what purpose? It’s time to understand with an open mind.

What more Islam says?

Idol worship is a biggest sin. And this sin, according to Islam, is not forgivable. One has to know that the Lord of the worlds is one and Who has no beginning and no end. Every soul has to taste death. It does not mean that you do not have life after your death. One has to go through the life after death, which would be perhaps better if one believes. Believers told to do good deeds throughout their worldly lives.

Day of judgement will sure to come as it’s inevitable. And the “death” will be eliminated. No one will die from there on. Good people will have their joyful living in paradise or Jannah, forever. The bad people will taste hell forever.

And some of them will be shifted to paradise from the hell after their term of punishment ends. Islam prohibits idol worship and worshiping of the dead people. One cannot believe that people make idols or purchase idols only to worship for what reason? The idols cannot move or help themselves to be saved from rains or anything that comes their way to harm them. How can you worship the idols as if you’re worshiping the Almighty God?

We must know that believing in the Unseen God is what we must do? Believers should refrain from idol worship. Idol worship doesn’t please the Almighty God. Islam teaches the people to believe in the Oneness of the Almighty.


This article is an awareness campaign and doesn’t have any intention to hurt the sentiments of any religion. It’s your wish to accept the truth in this article or the truth you know. We at In Hand Writer not responsible for any outcome that can arise after reading this piece of information. We hope that we’ve done something to benefit the people. And if this is an offense then we deeply apologize. Thanks.

Khalid M Raza

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