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Top Businesses bearing losses in India due to COVID-19 & BJP

Top Businesses bearing losses in India due to COVID-19 & BJP

Swiggy & Zomato are always on the minds of the people of India whenever outside food becomes a necessity. Other than these food delivery businesses, there are more other top businesses bearing losses in India. And it’s not a good sign for businesspersons across India and since demonetization and GST pulled many businesses down.

It was because of the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) to fulfil the party’s requirements to make politics as another “business”. The starters have so many questions to ask. Henceforth, this article includes much more than you expect.       

However, the food delivery online top businesses bearing losses in India. People bothered more during the pandemic to save their hard earned money as the list of top businesses bearing losses is not shorter. Moreover, half of the population in India lost jobs even before the pandemic outbreak started from Feb 2020.

More loss of jobs continues and more people are affected during the crises. It was sad that the BJP gov’t played similar role since 2019 too, when Narendra Modi was elected as PM again after his worst five years – 2014 to 2019. The situations become even worse with COVID-19 crises. It’s hard to carry on with the alternatives that the BJP gov’t suggests. Worse case is not just the mismanagement of COVID-19.

The Reality of failures

Top businesses bearing losses and some are still shutdown and some others just to keep their presence felt, operating with lesser staff. Bus travel services and airways also bearing losses. Adding to these two most profitable businesses, there are dozens of other top businesses bearing losses in India. It’s not a situation of do or die. It is the situation to do something or keep down the shutters.

About 40% of top restaurants in India pulled their shutters down as their wait and watch schedule not working anymore. Some top restaurants and hotels keeping their doors open only to ensure that they’re still there and are active for their customers. People, who earn good also aren’t spending extra as the struggle for top businesses continues. Real Estate also in some losses. However, some builders are busy to complete their projects. And the construction work is not in full swing yet.  

How Top Businesses bearing losses due to Kashmir?

Since the abrogation of article 370, and 35A, there was curfew imposed in Kashmir. Well, if BJP did so, and for the good then why no one is allowed to visit Kashmir since Aug 5, 2019? This increased the suffering of tourism Industry in India. Why?

Even Congressman, Rahul Gandhi was not allowed to see what’s happening in Kashmir? There are so many questions that exposes BJP gov’t’s divide & rule and actions against innocents. Dr Kafeel Khan like many Muslims suffered under BJP’s oppression. And there was Tablighi Jamat too. Tablighi Jamat was proved innocent after creating fake reports over them. They were troubled and large number of innocents also troubled and later released from jails. This BJP game hampered their careers.  

Before the pandemic, foreigners stopped visiting India as tourists because they used to visit Kashmir too. If curfew imposed, then everyone should be allowed to visit Kashmir. No! the BJP wants to hide what they continue to do against the people of the valley. The armed forces troubling the people of Kashmir more than no 4G internet or no basic facilities. Schools and colleges including the mosques closed for what? Major top businesses bearing losses in Kashmir including India’s tourism industry.   

Why Top Businesses Bearing Losses?               

People in India are against spending extra money. And they’re looking forward even for some more years to see what they can do with their savings. Most of them have so many reasons to say that they don’t want to spend extra money. This is the key for the shutting down of top businesses. And the rise of joblessness since 2015 to continue even after 2021.

Where’s India heading towards? Why not someone provide solutions for a peaceful India even during the crises? Problems only increased when “make in India” turned out to be a big scam. And moreover a 5 Trillion economy promise failed.

Even top online news channels asking people to donate. They’ve set a target of 300k to 400k through donations. They bring the news in any situation and they need more money to run their online news channels. This is so because they’re not earning good through online advertisements. Television channels also creating more fake reports and highlighting what’s not required. It’s sad that people donating more on bad causes rather than for good causes to help the poor & needy. The poor and the middle class worst hit.

Indians troubled?

How long, people in India survive in tough situations? Lockdown is no more and people only moving or travelling around to earn something to feed their families. PM CARES was another scam that most of the experts keep saying. Nobody knows the hidden truth that politics in India is nothing but a business. And the BJP politicians are the masters of managing their businesses because they know how to play with the minds of the people of India.

The divide & rule of the BJP gov’t did huge damage to India. However, people still blindly following BJP as they keep hoping that BJP would make India better for the majority. They’ve already troubled the minorities in India and that’s not hurting the majority of the educated people in India. This is so because they won’t bother over the setbacks to the GDP and the economy including jobs in India. They are only concerned to trouble the minorities to that extent, where the making of Hindu nation would be in their favor.

However, if this divide & rule policy continues then poverty will increase in India and top businesses also will suffer. Rich and poor including the higher and lower middle class will be definitely in more trouble. Unless innocents from all religions in India given due respect, people in India will be troubled more in the coming years. You need to find what’s the benefit of this divide & rule? No! You’ll not find any benefits if the gov’t couldn’t able to rule the country in a secular way. The gov’t should be understood to serve the people of the nation rather than ruling the people.     

Rich in India going in Wrong Directions to Support BJP    

Rich people of India cheer up when any calamity or the recent Delhi violence troubled the minorities in India. Even they cheer up when calamities hit the Muslim countries around the world. They say “what about Kashmir pundits?” when asked why people of Kashmir still suffering?

Whenever any leader speaks about the sufferings of the Muslims, then they keep saying why can’t the leaders support the people of other religions? Why any leader support everyone when there’s no harm done to any community other than the Muslims since the past many decades? The obsession for India to become a Hindu nation goes on and on.   

Let’s not listen to what the rich or educated people in India, playing with our minds. They’ve their own fake stories including change of history as they want to. And present the history in a wrong way. We shouldn’t believe the enemies of India even if they’re from any religion. We’ve to support innocents whether they might be from any religion.

Organized way of misguiding Indians from the rich and educated people needs to be condemned on a wide range. It’s again the country should be ruled by more educated & capable gov’t to handle the crises in a better way. The rich supporting the current gov’t only to spread hatred in between the religions. That’s so horrible.

Khalid M Raza

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