Thursday, November 30, 2023
What BJP is for RSS to make India more troubled?

What BJP is for RSS to make India more troubled?

The question is not simple and couldn’t be answered the way this posts builds up. Only few things could be discussed. What BJP is for RSS to make India backward country of the RSS group? This question to the one earlier would be worth to know. The RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh), is a well known anti India group. The RSS members trained to spread hatred for their cause of making India an RSS country. That’s what BJP is for RSS to make India more troubled. And their rule over BJP is such that BJP responds to what RSS leaders want them to do.

RSS supports those, who hate non Hindus such as Muslims, Sikhs & Christians, etc. The Hindus never know what the intentions of RSS are. But most of them also do not know that India will be troubled if RSS continues to rule India. And BJP is just a puppet of RSS group. RSS is making desperate moves to change the history of India for the sake of their hatred over Muslims.

What RSS wants is simple, which’s their intention to wipe out Muslims from India. Their intentions will remain only in their pockets. Though they’ve succeeded in benefiting their own people excluding even Hindus, they’ve not yet achieved much. RSS think tank is all about their own members to survive in India excluding all others. If this happens and will never happen but if happens then Indians will be troubled.

What BJP is for RSS & More…

The RSS have reached to that point since decades of working against all other communities. Their agenda is to convert Indian Muslims to Hinduism, which will lead to make India a poorest country. And this will not benefit anyone because of their intention of spreading hatred. Whatever RSS wants BJP to do, BJP responds with doing so.

RSS openly creates riots and burning of religious places. The RSS group believes in Hindu Rashtra and not India as a better place to live since a longtime. There are many educated hateful members in the RSS group and they train RSS members to create chaos in India. One after the other, Muslims lynched, killed, and arrested for their no crimes.

The RSS succeeds in torturing innocent Muslims including the Muslims of Kashmir. However, it will be tough for them to continue to do so because Muslims and other secular communities woken up. They’re all united and against the RSS thanks to BJP’s divide & rule policy. Secularism only benefits India rather than progress of RSS towards making India troubled.

Everyday 3 or 4 innocent Muslims arrested in India. And for reasons of rumors over cow slaughter or consumption of beef and simply to reduce Muslim population in India. The RSS agenda is with their power, they could eliminate Muslims from India slowly and steadily. They’re doing so not to benefit anyone including their own RSS members. Time will come when RSS would be isolated.

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