Thursday, November 30, 2023
Saudi Arabia suspends travel back from countries including India

Saudi Arabia suspends travel back from countries including India

A report from Saudi Arabia stated on Tuesday that Saudi Arabia suspends travel to or from countries including India. This is so because of the heavy outbreak of Covid-19 according to GACA’s (General Authority of Civil Aviation) statement. “All Airlines operating in the airports of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including general aviation suspended travel to 3 countries”. Further, suspension of travel to all countries, where the Covid-19 pandemic has outbreak.

The 3 mentioned countries, where Saudi Arabia suspends travel back or to are India, Brazil, and Argentina). This includes persons not allowed, who are in the mentioned countries for 14 days prior to their arrival to the Kingdom.

However, passengers who have official gov’t invitations are excluded from this kind of suspension.

According to GACA Statement: Saudi Arabian gov’t took this decision in order to keep their country safe from the virus (Covid-19) spread.

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The United States has been fortunately in control over the pandemic (Covid-19). And so this country also excluded from the suspension of travel. However, three mentioned countries in the circular are India, Brazil, and Argentina.

Finally, the simple reason is the fact that North Korea closed their borders as early as in January 2020. North Korea is closer to China and they did well to stop the virus flying in their country. All credit to the govt of North Korea that it kept its Citizens free from the pandemic.

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