DC too good to defeat CSK by 44 runs is about to win IPL this time

DC too good to defeat CSK by 44 runs is about to win IPL this time

These are expectations and not the predictions at all. Well, Delhi Capitals DC too good to defeat CSK by 44 runs? Very good question for the upcoming matches of Chennai Super Kings (CSK). Chennai might be wondering how they lost to Delhi. And with a margin of 44 runs makes sense to believe that Delhi would turn the table this time. IPL (Indian Premier League) is the most watched Television program of T20 cricket. Millions of fans and viewers hooked to it since even before the IPL matches start and watch even after the result known.

DC too good to defeat CSK by 44 runs

It’s interesting to know how CSK gotten exposed now. The CSK team was buoyant and they surrendered meekly and now they look as if just another IPL team. So, DC too good to defeat CSK by 44 runs is the advantage that all other IPL teams could grab too. However, DC played really well and fall of CSK is the beginning of new era of IPL.

MS Dhoni might be the best captain but he did just too many mistakes during DC vs CSK match. And this downfall of CSK can bring up best performances from teams like Punjab, Delhi, and Mumbai. Thus, IPL will be more interesting if the turnaround happens. And the best team emerges from behind to win. DC will be more in the news in the coming days.

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Every time, the organizers looking to mint money through already world famous tournament IPL makes sense. But, to fool the audience at home watching the games as if a packed stadium whistling and clapping. Even sounds of cheering Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Mumbai Indians (MI), disturbing most of the people. Many people were so angry and annoyed that they switched off their TV sets mid way. That’s a strong reaction for what the organizers did with fake crowd sounds. It’s not pure and real entertainment after all.

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