How to Write short stories way interesting

How to Write short stories way interesting

You might want to know, how to write short stories as soon as you feel like writing something good. And you believe in yourself as a writer. However, your thoughts might be interesting to write short stories but your writing matters a lot and can pull you down. You maybe a good talented writer. And henceforth, you’re reading this article to know something that can work for you.

Still, you need to learn how to write short stories. This is so because it’s the requirement of the readers, who want to read the best. And then why don’t you like that readers should appreciate your well written short stories? 

Yes, the main reason for you to learn how to write short stories is all about your reading abilities. The more you read, the better you write. There’s an old saying that: 

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Love to write is what you need to have the crave of writing whatever you want to. But in an interesting style including words that make shorter sentences to create a flow for the readers to read entire story. A short story is not so short as it should be of at least 6000 words or more. From there, you can reach to new heights of writing a novel of about 60,000 words.

There are four good steps for how to write short stories.

How to Write Short Stories – Step 1:

First choose a topic and then you can choose a headline, to be changed later on, when you complete your short story. The headline could be as short as this short story “The Giant Ant” or as long as this one:

You need to interact with your readers. And build your short story step by step to end with a short conclusion: Working Woman wants to Remain Single Always.

Here’s how to write short stories can’t be so tough if you follow the transition words and active voice in your content. Make it so interesting that the transition words will be more. Transition words are just simple words to make the readers continue to read and read till the end. Active voice is necessary and it gives the readers a clear picture of what they want to read.

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First try to choose characters for your short story. A single character also could be described even if the story revolves around him or her as the leading one. Description about the characters can put your readers to read more. And it can make you easier to keep writing. Always be in a happy mood when writing whatever you want to.

Think and do write. Do not think of ending the story. Make it a lengthy one if possible. Adopt a style so that your readers will be interested to read you more. The style should be of your own way of narrating the chapter-wise short story.

How To Write… Step 3

What comes to your mind not always befitting to write in the words that explain what you want to say. Suggestions might be too many. But, you’ve your own ideas better than this article. However, reading more these type of articles can be worthy or helpful. Always be optimistic and be clever to catch something interesting as your topic. A short conclusion is enough and it matters a lot to end the story not abruptly.

Keep yourself free from all the stress. Your thoughts come and go everyday. And you need to write something special everyday. Add the thoughts that come in your mind as a daily incoming words to your story. Do not be quick to complete the story in a day or two. Write more everyday. Change the headline if required when you finish your script or short story. Hope this article how to write short story is way interesting. Ask us if you want to know more…

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