CCTV cameras installed more in Hyderabad to control crime rate

CCTV cameras installed more in Hyderabad to control crime rate

Today (04.10.2020), the Hon’ble Union Home Minister, Kishen Reddy inaugurated the CCTV Cameras at DCP East Zone office. The office is located at Amberpet, Hyderabad. And in presence of Anjani Kumar IPS CP – Hyderabad along with Kaleru Venkatesh, MLA Amberpet constituency. As Amberpet constituency’s legislator from 2014-2019, he sanctioned about Rupees 2.45 crore to install a total of 280 CCTV cameras.

Kishen Reddy-Union Home Minister speech as follows:

Urbanization is accelerating in all cities of the country including Hyderabad. We are taking all measures for a smart police policy in the face of rising crime. My congratulations to the Andhra and Telangana Police Departments. As Home Minister I have been told by the central authorities about the police system here. Catching criminals through CCTV cameras is very useful to punish them.

On the country, 8 cities are selected as Safe Cities, including Hyderabad. The Central Government provided direct financial assistance as part of this scheme. The new technology will be very useful in detecting the patrolling system involving she teams to find crime hotspots. We are setting up the world’s first forensic science university in our country. 41% of posts are vacant in forensic labs and will be filled soon.

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National Defense University to be set up soon to get jobs in the para-military. The Central Government is also planning to make changes to the IPC and CRPC sections in the country. We are also taking a public opinion on this. Many people are migrating in terms of occupation and employment. Part of this is that crime is on the rise. The central government is working to bring in a better police system to curb the crimes. Many are praising the Telangana and Andhra police for doing a good job.

It used to be very difficult to prove crimes in the past. Telangana is at the forefront of enforcing punishments for the accused through existing technology. We have given first priority to crime control as part of the Safe City among the metro cities across the country. 

Anjani Kumar IPS CP Hyderabad speech on CCTV Cameras:

Thanks to Union Home Minister Kishen Reddy for setting up CCTV cameras. Hyderabad Police has been leading in all fields since 2014. The CCTV cameras are also used to investigate critical cases. Hyderabad ranks first in the country for the last two years. There is public cooperation in all aspects. About 30-40% of complaints are coming through social media in every police station. Face recognition technology is very useful in every case. We have the technology to detect even during the night also. There are over 5 lakh cameras in the city.

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