Donald Trump will be back on campaign trail soon?

Donald Trump will be back on campaign trail soon?

What it meant when President Trump said: “Will be back on the Campaign Trail soon!!! The Fake News only shows the Fake Polls”, is not so confusing. This is so because there are so many replies to Donald Trump’s tweet. And we can understand from the replies to the President of United States. Mr. Donald Trump will be back again with another tweet. But, it’s time to look at the replies to his latest tweet and know what he actually means.

The latest reply comes from his lady follower, Mrs. Krassenstein: “You have to wait 10 days. Stop trying to infect more people”. And in her next tweet as a second reply to Trump, she said: “The polls aren’t fake unless you think Americans are fake”. Another tweet reply followed as the tweeter, Jack Wilcox said: “God gave Donald the Plague”.

Then another reply from Amanda Michelle: “Shouldn’t you quarantine until you have a negative test first??”. Well, all these replies to what Donald Trump wanted to say, explains that he needs to be in quarantine and some more. Donald Trump will be back on campaign trail means that he want to come out from his hospital treatment.

Recently, as you might be aware that Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19. However, another follower said that: “Who said he isn’t going to quarantine? “He’s just not going to be in a hospital. They have a hospital type wing at the White House”.

Well, it’s something not so doubtful that Donald Trump will be back soon. And why not? Let’s wait and see and know more.

Khalid M Raza

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