NIMS Hospital and other issues discussed with Prince Muffakham Jah

NIMS Hospital and other issues discussed with Prince Muffakham Jah

Mohammed Saleem is the chairman of Waqf Board. And he met with Prince Muffakham Jah. Prince Muffakham Jah is the grand son of Mir Osman Ali Khan. The chairman of Waqf Board met the Prince at his resident for Breakfast. They discussed about various issues like NIMS Hospital, Princes Dureshawar Hospital, etc. And about protection and development of Waqf properties under royalties of The Nizam.

Further Mohammed Saleem and the Prince discussed about Upliftment of poor Muslims. And the minorities in education fields.

And a financial help to benefit the minorities can make them blossom. Mr. Saleem, chairman of waqf board said that Nizam of Hyderabad had established many educational Institutions and Hospitals. The gov’t of Telangana State very keen to protect the Nizam properties and Waqf properties, including the Osmania General Hospital.

It’s time to provide benefits to the poor minorities and to take further steps forward with regard to what the late Nizam wanted. Also not only the minorities but also poor people from every religion will get benefited with the so called help.

NIMS Hospital & other issues… Benefits…

Telangana State run Government Nizamia General Hospital (GNGH) already got a boost with many benefits. Earlier, the family of HEH Nizam 7th already donated huge money to various hospitals. They donated medical devices, surgical items. And medicines for the benefit of the hospitals and needy patients. Also looking forward to help NIMS hospital too. And it’s the pride for Hyderabad people.

The Medical devices & surgical items, which were donated by grandchildren of HEH Nizam VIIth will help many hospitals. And mainly to ramp up the Operation theater to facilitate surgeries. Items like suction Apparatus, OT Gowns, surgical Cotton, surgical Pads, cotton Packs, BP Apparatus, Syringes, and surgical trays.

Oxygen cylinders, etc. were donated in large numbers. It’s good that discussions over many other issues needs to take place in the coming months. Not only NIMS hospital but many other Waqf properties will be protected and benefited. That’s what Waqf Board needs to point out. And they’re doing so.

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NIMS hospital and other issues,  Nizam, Waqf Board, Chairman, Poor people, Muslims, Minorities

Nizam already donated huge money and gold to the gov’t of India decades back. And so it’s good to help the poor people in Telangana State for their upliftment as per the discussions with the grand son, Prince Muffakham Jah. NIMS hospital and other issues today on Oct 12, taken forward.

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