Friday, December 1, 2023
Hyderabad Exhibition not likely in 2021 due to COVID

Hyderabad Exhibition not likely in 2021 due to COVID

Is Hyderabad Exhibition not likely in 2021? Well, this might hurt Millions of Hyderabadis. And people, who visit Hyderabad from near districts of Telangana State also will be curious to know. They should not visit Hyderabad for All India Industrial Exhibition (AIIE) or Hyderabad Exhibition due to the pandemic restrictions.

Some stall owners are still tentative whether to go for stall booking or not, as it’s not officially announced. Stall owners include fast food vendors, ice cream companies, electronics, cloth and readymade dresses. And also many more including mattresses, bedsheet, and artificial jewelry sellers etc.

It’s good to know early than wait for the gov’t’s decision. The decision will be in favor of the restrictions of COVID-19 pandemic. However, huge losses of about crores of Rupees will hurt Telangana State gov’t. However, a better decision needs to be taken bravely for the benefit of the people of Hyderabad.

Most of the people in Hyderabad, at present moving freely without proper care. They need to find out that all City hospitals filled with COVID patients. Hyderabad Exhibition not likely in 2021 ! is again a matter of concern. But it’s good if the exhibition not allowed to take place from the start of Jan 2021. This is so because pandemic restrictions should be more stricter. And people should learn how to take precautions.

Khalid M Raza

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