Joe Biden to give Citizenships to illegals in US as first come first basis

Joe Biden to give Citizenships to illegals in US as first come first basis

The Joe Biden administration on Sunday, claimed that after Jan 20, 2021, many humane processes will take place. In order to unite the family members of the refugees, Joe Biden to give Citizenships to more than 11 Million people. This might include, those who have graduated in PhD and have stayed in the United States since more than 5 years. People come to the United States from different poor countries and work on low salaries to allow economy of the United States to grow.

In about 11 Million people including the illegals from different countries, Joe Biden to give Citizenships to over 500,000 Indians. Having said this, such steps needs to be equally appreciated by majority of the US Citizens. Some Muslim countries affected from a ban to get US visa by the Donald Trump administration, will also get relief. Joe Biden will be revoking the ban on Muslim countries like Syria and a few more. Moreover, Joe Biden to give Citizenships to over half a Million Indians, who are in US since more than 5 years.

Joe Biden to give Citizenships to illegals & More…

This will be with effect from January 2021. The report also includes that majority of illegals in the US are from Asia. And there will be no more deportation of illegals from various poor countries like India and Pakistan. Hence, it’s a step taken to convert illegals as legal green card holders.

Green card allows people to work legally in the United States. Families will be united and the steps will further unite, those who currently separated from their siblings, etc. However, these kind of decisions needs to be taken with proper study of the thinking of legal current Citizens. There might not be too many jobs available, but this move from Joe Biden is a masterstroke. Henceforth, illegal Indians are looking forward to this decision. And are praying for this to happen as soon as possible.

However, the excitement might not last for long for the Indians or Pakistanis, if Joe Biden not given the authority. Yes, winning more votes does not make Joe Biden as US President. Donald Trump can still rule the United States for 4 more years. The scenario is not of the popular votes. But of the electoral principles.

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