Joe Biden waits for Jan 2021 while Donald Trump still hopeful

Joe Biden waits for Jan 2021 while Donald Trump still hopeful

Joe Biden waits for Jan 2021 to unleash many of his growth prospects for making America great again. He said on Twitter many times and was transparent with everyone to show the Americans what he’s planning to do? “Come January, we will work quickly with Congress to dramatically ramp up health care protections. And get America to universal coverage, and lower health care costs”. To this very tweet he got so many good replies as it could be read and as follows:

One Linda K. replied as: “Yes please. I will be needing the ACA next year. I have pre-existing conditions and will be on a limited budget. My stress level over this is going crazy. Thank you President Biden!”.

Social Boomer (A Twitter Account name) suggested that: “Take the profit out of health insurance or we’ll be the laughing stock of health coverage of the wealthy countries forever”.

And a Donald Trump supporter Tweeted: “How do you expect Americans to believe, you will actually help us when you did NOTHING for the country in 47 years!!! Let’s see if you can ramp up 4 pages of political accomplishments like Americans TRUE LEADER. Here he meant a True Leader to Donald Trump. From what needs to be considered here, is Biden’s supporters and Trump’s supporters are totally different.

Trump’s supporters want security to Americans while Biden is about to fulfill dreams of everyone. Let America grow and this can happen with relations in between different countries and America.

Joe Biden waits for Jan 2021 to proceed with:

  1. Extending Limits to H1 B Visas…
  2. Providing work options for even illegals residing in America from poor countries…
  3. Providing Green Cards, Citizenships to people of other countries living in USA…
  4. Revoking ban on some Muslim countries, which Donald Trump had imposed…

And Many more helpful moves to grow American economy. However, Donald Trump currently in the court and he’s fighting to regain his position. He is looking forward even though he lost to Joe Biden. It looks something surprising when comes Jan 2021. Yes, Joe Biden waits for Jan 2021 while Donald Trump still hopeful.

Khalid M Raza

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