How Politicians in India lose huge money if they lose elections?

How Politicians in India lose huge money if they lose elections?

Politics is a kind of business in many parts of the World. And for Donald Trump, it’s a matter of keeping himself up and that might hurt his ego if he loses Presidential post to Joe Biden. You might be wondering that USA elections are completed and Joe Biden is the winner. No, there’s a long way to go. Donald Trump is trying hard to retain his position as the President of the United States. Politicians in India make huge money.

His concern for earning huge money as President is absurd because politics is different game in some countries. In India, it’s a money making business. Politicians in India make huge money.

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Politicians in India Make huge Money?

Indian politicians, almost 90% of them needs to have good amount of money with them to enter politics. And from there, they make money. Each Member of Parliament takes huge amount of money from the prospective candidates to ensure him a seat to fight elections.

Also the new entries in politics spend too much money in campaigning. If they win they make more money. Once, Amit Shah told to a YouTuber that politics is a game of business and nothing else. “We do business as we divide people and rule. Also we play with the minds of the people to know what they require”.

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An estimated amount, you need to buy a seat for fighting elections from any constituency of your native place is nothing less than Rupees 50,00,000. In addition, you need to have a great voice and sound knowledge of politics. And like Arvind Kejriwal, who fought elections independently, you can also do so. However, to join any party, you must have handsome money.

The game or business or politics goes on to play with the minds of the people of India in India.

Politicians in India lose huge money if they lose elections. Similarly, they earn huge money if they win. Let’s move on and think out of box. Vote always the right party and never go with the words of the candidates in your areas. Whichever party benefits to grow economy, GDP and creates jobs, vote for them. Think for the future of your Children. Don’t bother about anything else. Come closer and be united.

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