Homemade food businesses from flats in Hyderabad making profits

Homemade food businesses from flats in Hyderabad making profits

Each well known apartment building’s flat in Hyderabad, known to reach their neighbors easily within the premises. People are fed up with outside food as restaurants started serving not quality food. This is so because of the longtime gap in the sales to serve their customers. However, there are still few restaurants in Hyderabad, making some profits through online food delivery apps. Homemade food businesses from flats or from any other independent home in some areas in Hyderabad, making profits.

The idea is just make quality food and serve your neighbors for free. It’s a lower investment initially. And make your neighbors aware of what you’re doing if they want more when they like your food. This way, whenever possible you can make a small menu differently everyday and allow your neighbors to get aware of.

You can cook Biryani (Veg & Non Veg), Veg curries and non veg curries, rice and ro’ties. Make sure that you’re aware of what other building’s or areas’ homemade food businesses from flats or independent homes doing?

Do some benchmarking, and proceed with your own food business to cater to your nearby residents including your building’s flats. Prices should be perfectly studied. No misuse. Just know how much you’re spending and how much you should make profits out of your hard work. For example, if you make chicken curry for four and it costs you over all Rupees 60. Then your price for that chicken curry item should not be more than Rupees 80. Don’t think of expanding your business to some other areas because you’ll lose the quality in your food items.

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