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COVID prevention is best as people wrongly ignore basics of COVID life

COVID prevention is best as people wrongly ignore basics of COVID life

Dr. Faheem Younus MD believes that COVID prevention is best even if you want to have a social gathering for a day in a month. You shouldn’t do so because you need to follow the basics first to avoid getting infected from COVID pandemic. The COVID-19 has been an year old now. So, it’s better to say COVID pandemic. Dr. Faheem Younus MD works in the United States, Maryland. He can answer to many of your questions if you’ve reasonable queries about COVID pandemic.

“Virus has no faith. Any crowd — particularly an indoor crowd where people are singing laughing for prolonged periods of time — will fuel the pandemic”. Said Dr. Faheem Younus, Chief of infectious diseases, USA. Further, he says, believe in walking rather than running towards the pandemic or crawling.

If you keep yourself worried even after taking lot of precautions, which aren’t necessary then you’ll hit the nail from anywhere. Be prepared when going out of your homes. Wear masks and wash your hands whenever necessary. Avoid gatherings even if you feel that you work so hard all five or six days of the week. And you need a break! Don’t do this. Safety is first priority.

Safety measures are so easy that. You need to wear masks and keep social distancing. Avoid crowded places or marriage parties. Ensure your kids also do take precautions. Let them wear masks. And keep them safe too. COVID pandemic never sees age, religion, strength or anything else if you ignore what’s required as basics to live proper COVID life.

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Dr. Faheem further says that: “Ask about any unanswered COVID questions/confusions. I will try to respond, one question per country during this weekend. Please think of issues that may benefit humanity at large. Ask your own doctor for personal health concerns”.

This way he answers as many questions as he can. One of the answer is that do not create panic about the COVID pandemic. Wear masks, avoid physical or getting closer to people other than your family members. This means that whenever you go out to shop or for any emergency only, then wear masks, and avoid crowded places. Don’t make your life tough. Just keep following the basics.

Dr. Faheem Younus explained that weddings are super spreaders: Super Spreader Weddings: “83 people attended a wedding in Ohio. 32 caught COVID. Including the bride and bridegroom. Some ended up in the hospital. Everyone thinks it won’t happen to them. It does. Avoid indoor parties. Wear masks. Wash hands”.

We’ve also learned that people in India least bothered about the outcome. The result will be definitely positive if people ignore basics of proper COVID life. Positive result will be that. They’ll definitely get infected if they do not wear masks or never avoid gatherings. COVID prevention is best than ignoring the basics and rushing in to end up in the hospitals. Is it clear now? So, spread the message that: COVID prevention is best to avoid unnecessary changes in your lives. Who cares himself or herself is the best he or she is doing.

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