Ramadan is near as Muslims can start helping needy at Present crises time

Ramadan is near as Muslims can start helping needy at Present crises time

Ramadan is near as Muslims can start helping the needy to do more good deeds in the holy month. Muslims can help the needy irrespective of their cast or religion. Scholars say that Muslims need to request the needy while helping them to abstain from consuming alcohol. The argument at present goes like this if they consume haram food as alcohol is also haram or prohibited in Islam?

They can consume haram food if they’re non Muslims because they’re not aware of the harm that haram food provides. More harmful is alcohol because it’s not only unhealthy but also creates fights easily between any husband and wife.

The reason for Muslims to come forward to help the poor people of all religions or atheists is simple. Almighty provides them everything and leaves some of their needs to get fulfilled from others. If you do not help the needy, then someone else would come forward and help them. You’ll lose the rewards.

The holy month of Ramadan for Muslims is near and it will start from April 11 or 12, 2021. As a pious and peace loving Muslim, everyone need to start practicing before it would be too late. What if you die before 2021 Ramadan arrives. The date of anyone’s death is unknown. So, start doing good deeds as a practice in order to storm into Ramadan with more good deeds.

Ramadan is near as Muslims… & more…

There are lot of jobless and poor people around the world. And it’s the duty of everyone to help each other. The good cause is simple because you can start helping the flood affected people of Hyderabad and needy people from many parts of the world. First, you need to help the nearby people including your neighbors, relatives and friends.

And then it’s essential to reach towards the needy to help them even if they’re anywhere in the world. It’s time of the crises of COVID-19. And people affected with lot of losses. Also there are lot of needy people at present. You should help and guide them to utilize your money for good only. Encourage them not to do any haram activity with your provided money to them.

Remember, it’s not too early or too late for helping the needy because Ramadan is near as Muslims can start helping the needy. You can still stop wasting money and help the needy to survive or stand on their feet.

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