Article 370 was scrapped on Aug 5, 2019 from Kashmir for what?

Article 370 was scrapped on Aug 5, 2019 from Kashmir for what?

“It’s been a year and a half since article 370 was scrapped. Can Modi name even one from among the lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits, who have returned Home? If no Kashmiri Pandit has returned so far. And Terrorism still exists, then how has India benefited by scrapping article 370?”. Questions Naina Rathore, an activist against fascism.

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A few replies among all supporters of anti-fascism, explains further about why article 370 was scrapped from Kashmir? And these go like this:

“Relevant question. Do BJP and its Andh Bhakts have got answer?”.

“He won elections”.

“That’s the only thing, which is important to him”.

“Easier for 2 rupees Bhakts to scream we’ll buy land in Kashmir”.

Everything is clear that Narendra Modi abrogated article 370 from Kashmir because he wanted to fulfill his own way of fascism. He did so and in return people of Kashmir have been suffering.

What will he gain?

He will gain more BJP followers because some people won’t mind if there’s huge increase of poverty in India. And it’s so because they’re happy over atrocities to a certain section of Indian population. Whether they might be Muslims, Christians, Dalits, or Hindus of other casts, who hate BJP.

The reason to hate BJP is because BJP is destroying India with divide and rule. Majority of BJP supporters are Muslim haters and some of the Muslim leaders too support BJP. The entire story is not important, but the sufferings of the people of Kashmir needs to be stopped.

What happened now to the Kashmiri Pundits? Why they didn’t return from Kashmir? For example: BJP kills few innocents from Kashmir and shows to the people of India that they killed terrorists and so on. The lies of BJP continues.

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