COVID vaccine trials reveal unbelievable story

COVID vaccine trials reveal unbelievable story

Medical experts say that they take concernment from the patients before providing COVID vaccine trials. If you’ve any side effects post COVID vaccination then it’s over to the patient and he or she is responsible. Further, he or she if given vaccine, some results also shown that side effects revealed some other health issues of patients. And there’s no severe cases of side effects after COVID vaccine trials.

It takes many years for any unknown disease to get a vaccine. Henceforth, COVID vaccine has reached the market in quick time, which is worrying. Every new vaccine can take up to five or six years to reach the markets. Soon after COVID vaccine trials completed, India plans to prepare over 100M doses. However, some people have post COVID symptoms like neurological problems, lung problems, and it’s necessary to take precautions.

“We have to keep in mind that the side effects of vaccine should not be taken negatively. It means that the vaccine has taken your body positively and it started working in your body. That’s the reason why vaccines generate some changes like severe or minor health issues”. Said a medical expert. He also told that whenever people want to go out, they should wear masks, and maintain social distance.

When after returning home he or she should wash hands. Safety is best than being careless to depend on vaccine. Vaccine can definitely cure COVID but it might give you some side effects. Keep yourself safe and your dear ones too.

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