Average successful youth age is 25 against 22 within 3 years in India

Average successful youth age is 25 against 22 within 3 years in India

Indian youth have turned to become even entrepreneurs and in top positions at the age of 22 or lesser. This was before 2017. Talented youth started earning a lot in India and as NRIs in Western or Gulf countries, etc. But average successful youth age currently is 25, which’s worrying. Though the pandemic Covid-19 played a major role for many of the talented youth jobless, it’s more than what certain reports suggest.

Indians started losing jobs more in India than in any other country since the end of 2017. However, Covid-19 pandemic further troubled the careers of many young people. They’re sitting at homes and have lot more to say.

India, on the other hand unable to cope up with the joblessness crises since early 2019. And in 2019, there was no issues of the major crises, the world currently facing. 2019 was Covid-19 free in India but still youth had so many issues as they couldn’t find good jobs. Many business also started shutting down since the demonetization, GST, etc. However, it will be good if the gov’t creates jobs as promised. It was told that every year over 10M jobs will be created. Promises not fulfilled. Parents also not able to invest in building the career of their grown up children.

Situation has become from bad to worse as average successful youth age currently matters. And it will be more than 25 in the coming few years if necessary actions not taken to fulfill the dreams of Indian youth.

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Mostly, in India elder brothers work abroad and make careers of their young siblings. For example, in the UK (United Kingdom) in the year 2012, post study visa was scrapped. And students completed their studies and returned back to India because there was no option but to do further studies. Some did so in order to stay in the UK.

Saudi Arabia, UAE and USA also started firing their staff since 2018. However, in the USA, Indian youth have other options of working on low salaries because of the availability of odd jobs. If you reach USA from India, you can still find a living. But couldn’t help more to your family or parents in India. Thus, foreign remittances decreased. Indian youth has been severely hit with the circumstances. And have no other option than moving to countries like Canada on emigration.

Canadian emigration process is not quick, and this again raises some questions. Average successful youth age turned towards 25 or more. And if this happens as it’s troubling Indian youth more then it would be an alarm for the Indian gov’t to wake. Let’s see if the gov’t wakes up or keeps the alarming rise of joblessness on snooze. It’s time to wake up now or else GDP and Economy in India will show more negative.

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