Saudi Arabia to welcome Israel after Palestinian state established

Saudi Arabia to welcome Israel after Palestinian state established

In a long battle of pressures of the US administration, UAE accepted Israel while Saudi Arabia set a challenge. The challenge is for Israel and that was spoken today. “Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister says the establishment of a Palestinian state is required before his Country can normalize ties with Israel”. Said Sharjah Princess, Hend Al Bint Faisal Qassimi on Twitter. However, some Saudi sources also claimed that Saudi Arabia to welcome Israel…

Or Saudi Arabia to build relations and normalize ties with Israel only if the rights given to the Palestinian people to establish Palestinian State. However, Saudi Arabia already allowed airspace to Israel. And this comes as a good news for the Muslim world.

This is a shocker for Israel. They’ve dominated the world finance and have good support from the USA. Twitterati also impressed with this decision while a few have different opinions. “I will have a newfound respect for KSA if they can do this for Palestinians”. Tweeted a follower of the Princess. Her name is Jenna on Twitter. She also continued to reply an ardent fan of Israel and he was creating Islamophobia even in this issue.

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