Why wearing of masks is as imp as social distancing in India

Why wearing of masks is as imp as social distancing in India

In the last 24 hours India has witnessed over 40,000 Covid-19 cases along with 600 deaths. The figures are alarming only in the death cases, while infections are not worrying. Still, the data is not so accurate. People roaming around and having social gathering, parties and so on because of the availability of vaccines. However, wearing of masks is as important as social distancing even though you’re brave enough to express yourself.

Expressing “don’t care” attitude not going to help. You need to take precautions and can’t take Covid-19 as a minor infection. It’s deadly.

Vaccines in India have come with two doses in about 14 days even if you’re healthy enough. You’ve to go through two doses in order to protect yourself from Covid-19. But there will be some side effects. Vaccines do have side effects when people take to get cured or to enable their body fight out Covid-19. Every Indian will not be vaccinated. And if this will be done then it would take about 5 years.

The best thing you need to do is get habituated with wearing of masks and maintaining six feet physical distance. Physical distance is the social distance, which never happen in social gathering or in the parties.

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