Why NRIs losing jobs in Foreign countries want to return India

Why NRIs losing jobs in Foreign countries want to return India

This analysis is to understand why NRIs losing jobs, want to return India to to save money? Relocation of non-resident Indians (NRIs), from abroad back to India is a daunting task though. Most of them are confused. But, there are many reasons for them to smile when they return India. They want to do something good for their homeland. Living abroad has become worse and of no comforts until Covid-19 recession passes away.

Confused NRIs, who lost jobs in foreign countries intend not to lose more money with wait and watch thoughts as joblessness increased globally. NRIs from USA, Singapore, Gulf and many other countries have to spend their hard earned money to live there. To stay in foreign countries, without any comfort and quick access to what they want makes them confused.

Some say the weather in foreign countries, killing their comfort levels. Many living in the Gulf too, want no more money to spend just to stay too long there optimistically to find jobs, for they think practically otherwise.

Responses from all over the world, and mostly returned Indians spent an average of 7.5 years abroad before their return. They’re planning return India not to find a job instead do something rather than waste their money abroad. 85% of returned NRIs said that their kids adjusted nicely in India.

According to a reliable source: There’s a combination of factors like family ties, giving kids Indian life experience & bored of foreign life. An NRI lady from New Jersey who said her reason to return India was: “Hated cold weather. I can’t agree more!”. This is not why NRIs losing jobs in foreign countries, want to return India. It’s so because they went abroad to earn money and not to spend anymore after losing jobs.

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