UK starts mass vaccination program after first dose to 90 year old

UK starts mass vaccination program after first dose to 90 year old

90 year old woman from Northern side to Ireland is the first person in the world to get Covid-19 vaccine. She received the Pfizer vaccine outside of clinical trial. Thereafter, UK starts mass vaccination program to fight against Covid-19. Margaret Keenan is 90 year old and she has great sense of humor. She’s regarded as the brave woman to come forward. She’s confident 90 year old woman as she was happy to get injected with her first dose.

90 Year Old Woman, Margaret

“It’s a milestone moment and a great achievement”. Doctors claimed. The race for the vaccine is over it seems. It’s not good to believe in the rumors, which keeps people afraid of taking vaccines.

People are requested not to shake hands too. However, 90 year old woman, Margaret Keenan is happy when she was told that she’s the first person.

Pfizer is the first to achieve an approval in the UK. It’s phenomenal. And Pfizer vaccine will be given to the entire UK people in sometime, which is not yet calculated. However, to begin with thousand people per week will be vaccinated.

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UK Starts Vaccination & More…

“It’s a momentous day and an exciting day to celebrate this vaccination program, which will kick off Covid-19”. Said the consultants. Excited with the results of the Pfizer vaccine, Doctors claimed that Millions of lives will be saved. “It looks as if Covid-19 will be eliminated in the UK soon”. Say consultants including that every vaccine has side effects.

And people shouldn’t believe on rumors. Hopefully, it’s turning out to be a good step forward as UK starts mass vaccination program.

Experts in the UK say that vaccination is good and it would definitely eliminate Covid-19. People need to get vaccinated before their air travel. Also in the UK only those can travel in the trains, who took vaccine. It means people are safe if they take vaccine.

Doctors are on the look to start vaccinating people as they keep saying end of Covid-19 and the beginning of a revolution. Each day about 100 people per day to be vaccinated. “First doses of the vaccine will be given to nearly a thousand people within a week and then the fight will continue”. Said consultants in the UK. “Is it still required to wear masks and keep social distancing for a longtime?”: The answer is YES.

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