Friday, December 1, 2023
Amazing people of Hyderabad has something to say on COVID

Amazing people of Hyderabad has something to say on COVID

Hyderabad people spend their time mostly having fun together with friends. And women have their own women friends while men have their own men friends. Hyderabad youth in someway finds joy to see opposite gender as their friends. Not all youngsters because most of them prefer building their career. However, these amazing people of Hyderabad has something to say on COVID.

“Brother COVID has become weak”. Say many Hyderabadis in Hyderabadi language or in Telugu. Some say, “Corona is finished”. It means, there’s no more Covid-19 now. And they carry on living normal lives.

Amazing people of Hyderabad do not realize that they’ve spent a lot of time indoor as there were restrictions. Their immunity boosted as they were forced to wear masks whenever they move out of their homes. This lengthy period of precautions has made them strong enough. And they now consider COVID as weak. And some say COVID is no more.

About 50% of Hyderabad people not wearing masks whenever they go out at present. If you do not believe just stand on the footpath and watch people moving around. Many people that you’ll see walking closer to you without wearing masks. Amazing people of Hyderabad can’t be convinced. They know their own way to live as they want to.

Doctors say, “virus is there but people have become immune. But still it’s required to maintain social distancing along with washing of hands frequently. Don’t forget to wear masks”. Many experts keep on saying that Covid-19 is more deadly than previous viruses. Do anyone change the present mindset of these amazing people of Hyderabad?

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