Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Chinese vaccines have more benefits for safety reasons say experts

Chinese vaccines have more benefits for safety reasons say experts

The Chinese vaccines like Sinovac/Sinopharm include benefits, which are mostly safe for people to go for. There’s traditional logic over inactivated virus, storage also easy at regular fridge temperature. There’s a broad availability of the Chinese vaccines in the UAE, Brazil, Turkey, etc., whether India will import or not is another question. The vaccines are safer and do not have side effects too.

The only major problem that the Chinese vaccines carry currently have more to do with efficacy results. However, other vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna work using injection of little bit virus for these vaccines to activate fighting against Covid-19. Sinovac/Sinopharm vaccines have more traditional method, which was used earlier in fighting against infectious diseases like rabies, etc.

Here, if people given other vaccines than the Chinese ones, then it needs to develop immune system to attack. It means that other than Chinese vaccines, every vaccine has to deal with some side effects. Vaccines injected in people with a part of virus to train the immune system. It’s not the case with the use of Chinese vaccines.

Chinese vaccines currently on phase 3 trials in Brazil, Indonesia, and Turkey. This means that other countries need to wait until the results of the phase 3 trials come if they want more safety. And if they’ve any reason to stop using vaccines made in China. However, Chief of infectious diseases, Dr. Faheem Younus MD also said on Twitter that: “Vaccine nationalism may prolong the pandemic. Over 70 nations at risk of being left behind. Poorer nations may not get the vaccine till 2024”.

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