Narendra Modi to show his vaccination Proof to vaccinate all?

Narendra Modi to show his vaccination Proof to vaccinate all?

The good news is India has developed vaccines and also approved the vaccines in quick time. However, all Indians will be vaccinated soon. The largest Covid-19 vaccine drive already started as PM Modi announced here on Saturday on Twitter. Experts believe that Narendra Modi to show his vaccination proof of at least a make believe clip.

If he does so then everyone will trust the vaccine and get vaccinated. Everything is planned and it will go as per the revenue required for BJP from vaccination. It’s also learned that many BJP supporters are looking forward to take the such vaccine provided by the BJP govt.

“Let’s give one more chance to Narendra Modi. And accept vaccines made in India”. Screamed an expert. This is not so because there might be some side effects as the vaccines hasn’t gone under the clinical trials. “Yes, vaccination always helps and let’s get vaccinated first and later think about the outcome”. Said another expert.

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Narendra Modi on Twitter

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