Why Joe Biden keeps some policies of Donald Trump to work upon?

Why Joe Biden keeps some policies of Donald Trump to work upon?

USA is the huge wealthy and most powerful country in the World. And yet there are some policies that make USA to make full use of. Since a longtime and during Donald Trump’s tenure, USA has some policies to create trouble in other countries only to benefit from. They’ve so far used their own groups of people as terrorists and also killed innocents, just to claim that they killed terrorists. These policies can still be there as Joe Biden keeps some policies of Donald Trump.

Biden is not an angel for other countries nor he’s an angel for USA. He will do what best suits him to do. His leadership will soon unfolds to a better tomorrow for US citizens and not as best as they think. Other countries please take a deep breathe.

It’s more likely that what happened in Iraq. And many other countries like Afghanistan including the US visa ban on Indian PM Narendra Modi and then they revoked the ban for Modi. And PM Modi continues to trouble innocents. Nothing from USA stopped PM Modi to do whatever he wants to.

The role of USA will remain as it would be like they create terrorists, terrorism and kill innocents only to show the World that they’re against terrorists. They want to finish off terrorism is a myth that only they know better for what they cook. One can see that many riots and killings often happen in the USA. That’s why the dangerous policies will continue to be carried on. And Joe Biden keeps some policies of Donald Trump even if so far Biden has played a good role but he did so smartly.

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