COVID Variant becoming deadly in UK as wake up call for Europe

COVID Variant becoming deadly in UK as wake up call for Europe

Doctors argued just about the mutation of virus in the UK. The COVID variant becoming deadly in UK as entire Europe is now vigilant. A wake up call for European countries like Portugal, etc. to extend lockdown and keep taking proper measures. Dr. Ashish K. Jha. MD, MPH says:

“Heard of SARS-CoV2 variant from Japan?


How about one from South Korea?


Surely variants from New Zealand & Vietnam?

Of Course not

Because these places haven’t given rise to scary variants.

But what places have… has big implications for ending the pandemic?

So let’s talk about where variants are coming from and under what circumstances? Variants arise when infections run wild. And selection pressures lead to dangerous mutations that can then thrive. Remember, every infection creates opportunities for “errors” – or mutations”. Most mutations are meaningless. And with no real clinical implications. But every once in a while, a set of mutations will lead the virus to become deadly. The deadly the virus becomes, the easier it spreads and vaccines won’t work too.

Firstly, UK, and then South Africa, Brazil along with possibly the USA (LA variant sorted out). Each of these countries had large outbreaks even before their variants took off. So, we have to bring the pandemic under control everywhere, starting from Europe and USA to all parts of the World”.

Do In Hand Writer needs to add more? Yes, a little bit. Covid-19 variants are too many and the virus is mutating through out the World. Youngsters also affected with the new variants of the virus found in UK. Indians think that something or the other can become the cure. It’s not so because wearing of masks and maintaining social distancing always helps whether you go for vaccine or not.

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