USA wants Yemen story disclosed to expose Saudi Arabia

USA wants Yemen story disclosed to expose Saudi Arabia

It’s unbelievable! But true that Saudi Arabia have good support from UK, USA and many other top countries, will be exposed soon. Here, Iran is doing something different than Saudi Arabia. However, Iran stands as all alone and with all situations benefiting Saudi Arabia. But Iran wants to be friendly with USA this time and that’s what Iran’s intentions, which are known only to Saudi Arabia. And it’s interesting to know that USA wants Yemen story disclosed and for what? This is because of Iran’s smart policies. And it’s simple but this Yemen story will expose the intentions of Saudi Arabia, which went unnoticed since a longtime.

Arab people in the Middle-east were somewhat displeased in many occasions with their rulers. One by one rulers of the Kingdoms since a few decades haven’t pleased their people. Thus, it’s not so complicated Yemen story, right? Here is why? Yemen leaders in the past were also troublesome. There was a civil war in Yemen that was started years back as one of the Yemen leaders, played a smart game.

Saudi Arabia was responsible to attack Yemen, which was unacceptable. Thousands of people including 20,000 kids killed. Over 2M people had become homeless. This atrocities benefited USA. And it sold weapons. And gained a lot. Also USA keeps on looting Saudi Arabia.

However, USA wants Yemen story disclosed to expose Saudi Arabia under USA’s new gov’t. Time will tell because Saudi Arabia in order to defend the blames of Yemen attacks can lose Mohammed Bin Salman. It’s a bit or more worrisome for the Saudi rulers but the game has started.

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