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Why to wear masks even after vaccine shots as COVID cases lower?

Why to wear masks even after vaccine shots as COVID cases lower?

Why to wear masks even after vaccination? This question has been asked frequently not only in India but throughout the world. Most of the people around the world still wearing masks. And it’s learned when United States, Saudi Arabia and Europe made wearing of masks mandatory.

The lowering of Covid-19 cases in India not necessarily indicate that the pandemic time is over. Generally, it happens in the case of infectious diseases that after sometime the infections go unnoticed. This is so because people used to take precautions. And so they’re protected not only because of their immunity but the response of their organs. However, do wearing of masks still required even after vaccination? Yes, but you need to know more and for what?

Till date, the Pfizer vaccine claimed to be the most effective one. But, still a nurse was reportedly got infected with Covid-19 even after the first shot of Pfizer vaccine. There are many cases, in which, when studied, experts claim that vaccination is good but not too good to restore normalcy back. If the efficacy of the vaccine is above 50% then it’s a good option to go for it. Indian vaccines have no takers abroad and even in poor foreign countries for free to try as a business strategy.

A recent report claimed that Covaxin (Indian vaccine), Sinovac (Chinese vaccine) and two other vaccines are less trustworthy. However, one can take these vaccines because even if these vaccines have no proof to fight effectively against Covid-19. China has already controlled the pandemic with innovative lockdowns.

Is Everything Become Normal? No & Why?

However, most of the Indians think that vaccination is a game changer and can bring back normalcy. One can see that many political rallies and the protests happening in India without worry of the pandemic. People think that the pandemic time is over in India. However, on an average India is reporting over 12,000 Covid-19 cases per day, which is still worrying.

New variants of COVID are more deadly and so the question, why to wear masks even after vaccine shots, needs an answer. The answer in few words is better be safe than become vulnerable to the unknown and deadly new variants reasonably will find a way in India too. So, it’s good to wear masks and be safe than become a victim of new variants of Covid-19. You can see social gatherings increased throughout India. But do you think that you’re safer now? Yes, you’re still safe but then you still need to wear masks.

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