Chinese selling fake vaccine made out from salt to innocents

Chinese selling fake vaccine made out from salt to innocents

It’s a reliable report, which claims that China is taking advantage of poor citizens of China and and people abroad. People have come closer to China made vaccine too. The Chinese miscreants visiting people in villages around China and selling them fake vaccine. The vaccine is made out of clean water and some salt only. They’re using small bottles and mixing salt with water and selling to people. And it’s supposed to be a big crime. Moreover, Chinese selling fake vaccine to other countries too. The Chinese have made millions of dollars out of this fake vaccine.

This needs to be stopped otherwise it might be dangerous. We’ve seen already that Chinese products sold anywhere, have poor quality. Now the vaccine is fake and it will be known soon that how and when Chinese will be caught.

The idea is not so bad because they’re using salt in clean water to make a vaccine, which is but fake vaccine. And this is not spoiling the health of the people. However, Chinese just taking advantage of many people around some other countries too. The outcome of fake vaccine has not yet come up to show health issues. But it looks like salt and water as ingredients might be bad for health if injected to older people.

However, we’ve to be prepared very well and follow social distancing, wear masks, etc. even after taking any vaccine. And importantly the Chinese gov’t is not involved with the sale of this fake vaccine.


The report from reliable source as quoted earlier not mentioned in this post. This is so because sometimes the reliable sources and reports from them might be reported as fake to us. Their reliability is supposed to be for a some reports but not for all of their reports. However, Sinovac (Chinese vaccine) is considered to be safe and effective.

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