UK variant to become dominant from end of March 2021

UK variant to become dominant from end of March 2021

UK variant is the main variant to become more dangerous in the coming weeks. United States also should be well prepared to fight against new variants including the UK variant.

“I’m very concerned about these variants. I think we should vaccinate as much of people as possible. These new variants are more contagious. Good vaccines can help to fight against the new variants. The more people vaccinated the less likely that the virus could spread across the globe”. Told Dr. Ashish K. Jha to World News Spokesperson Mr. David Muir. It was reported. Dr. Jha is infectious disease expert. The UK’s new variant is B.1.1.7.

Dr. Ashish K. Jha is more concerned about the UK Coronavirus variant. He says, there will be a rapid rise in cases after few weeks. The UK variant to become dominant from end of March, this year. It’s good if vaccines can help. However, vaccinating as much people as possible will be a sort of fight against the UK variant, which’s supposed to spread rapidly.

Dr. Ashish Jha also warned the people for complacency against new other variants to come up soon. Entire world will not be vaccinated even with first doses of Pfizer vaccine. And not even 30% of World population. It’s worrisome. Gov’ts need to put aside everything and get ready to fight against new variants.

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