OLX Is Good To Purchase Old Products But Be Prepared To Find Fraud

OLX Is Good To Purchase Old Products But Be Prepared To Find Fraud

A person not to mention the name was nearly cheated. However, he was lucky not to get caught to the fraudster. The name of the fraudster could be determined with the documents he posted to the buyer, who cancelled buying car through OLX. The fraudster posted RC of the car and his Aadhar card. The Aadhar card and the RC tallied and these were found suspicious. OLX is good to purchase old but…

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Second Picture

You can see the difference between the above two pictures. And fortunately, it was observed at the right time otherwise the person could have lost huge money. Moreover, the fraudster told that he will deliver the car at the expected buying person’s doorstep. The lack of proper thinking might rob you from purchasing any products including cars. OLX already takes no responsibility and advises people to double check before any purchase. And even when you’re selling something on OLX.

The culprit needs to be caught. Police has not taken any action yet because this is a breaking news coming to us directly from our close friend. Incidents of crimes and looting continues. So, be prepared and cautious before you would be in a tough situation. My friend told the following:

“I received this message today and I was asked my Aadhar card for permanent address. Moreover, the culprit also asked an advance of Rupees 5000 (online payment). This was so because of transportation of the car at the doorstep. His continuous following up for delivery made me alert to doubt him”.

Hence, it’s good that my friend doubted the person and immediately reported the case to In Hand Writer. People say OLX is good to purchase old products while everyone needs to be well prepared.

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