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IPL 2021 most watched SRH & RCB will be interesting competitors

IPL 2021 most watched SRH & RCB will be interesting competitors

IPL 2021 most watched 2 teams SRH & RCB 

Virat Kohli is the most popular cricketer around the world. But it’s disappointing to notice his captaincy in IPL since he’s captaining RCB. RCB losing more matches and there are a few ups and downs too. Let’s discuss more about IPL 2021 most watched 2 teams, which are RCB & SRH according to opinion poll. This is because in southern part of India, cricket is given more time than anything else. When IPL is there, people don’t prefer to go out in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

They’ll be there glued to the TV sets. And also watch IPL matches as in person crowd by visiting their respective stadiums. 

Why SRH & RCB most Popular? 

RCB keeps bringing young talent from India. And this year the sensational new entry is young Azharuddeen. However, SRH have top performing foreign players, which makes IPL more world famous every year. And also SRH also brings young talented players too. Apart from Mohammed Azharuddeen, we will discuss about more young talented players as the tournament becomes more interesting after couple of matches.

Don’t forget to watch IPL 2021, right from the starting game (RCB vs MI). Every match will be more interesting than the previous ones. We will continue to bring more updates. And more reports & articles.  

RCB can’t afford to lose one more time. And it’s a challenging situation for Virat Kohli. Let’s hope new entries from all the 8 teams perform well to make Indian team the best in the world. SRH (Sunrisers Hyderabad) & RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) are the most watched and competing sides. Strong competitors at least this season if not last year or in 2022. In Hand Writer always brings you the best. See Below:  

Exclusive IPL 2021 Schedule (RCB)

  1. One RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) vs Mumbai Indians on April 9. This is the IPL 2021’s first & opening match. 7: 30 PM (IST).
  2. Two RCB vs SRH (Sunrisers Hyderabad) on April 14 – 7: 30 PM (IST).
  3. Three RCB vs KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) on April 18 – 3: 30 PM (IST).
  4. Four RCB vs RR (Rajasthan Royals) on April 22 – 7: 30 PM (IST).
  5. Five RCB vs CSK (Chennai Super Kings) on April 25 – 3: 30 PM (IST).
  6. Six RCB vs DC (Delhi Capitals) on April 27 – 7: 30 PM (IST).
  7. Seven RCB vs PBKS (Punjab Kings) on April 30 – 7: 30 PM (IST).
  8. Eight RCB vs KKR on May 3 – 7: 30 PM (IST).
  9. Nine RCB vs PBKS on May 6 – 7: 30 PM (IST).
  10. Ten RCB vs SRH on May 9 – 7: 30 PM (IST).

& Last four Crucial Matches for RCB

  1. Eleven RCB vs DC on May 14 – 7: 30 PM (IST).
  2. Twelve RCB vs RR on May 16 – 3: 30 PM (IST).
  3. Thirteen RCB vs MI on May 20 – 7: 30 PM (IST).
  4. Fourteen RCB vs CSK on May 23 – 7: 30 PM (IST).

Well, it’s interesting also to know that IPL 2021 season starts with RCB match and ends before playoffs with last RCB match, ironically. Interestingly, RCB is not favorite and also neither SRH. The big sides still remain as MI & CSK. Also DC (Delhi Capitals) will be a surprising side to win big matches. The ups & downs for both teams SRH and RCB are similar every season. But RCB disappointed a lot while SRH always kept hopes alive. RCB haven’t have won this sensational IPL tournament.

And since Virat Kohli took over the captaincy charge, RCB was criticized a lot because of too much expectations. However, IPL 2021 most watched 2 teams remain as RCB & SRH. The big sides still remain as MI & CSK. Also DC (Delhi Capitals) will be a surprising side to win big matches.

The Countdown Begins…

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