Daily Wage Workers In India Still In Trouble Due To COVID Effect

Daily Wage Workers In India Still In Trouble Due To COVID Effect

The effect of the Pandemic Covid-19 and its variants affected the daily wage workers on a large scale in India. Many Social & Islamic organizations helping the poor, and rain, flood affected people in India. But, daily wage workers in India have to wait for a longtime during the lockdowns and their troubles still are worrisome.

They’ve to work hard to earn their livelihood while doing small odd businesses on the roads. Their working hard is also associated with their waiting time for the customers, who have become choosy. Yes, people preferring to purchase even vegetables online. Little to do with low income, they’ve more to say.

Some workers managed to walk through the road to about 10 or more miles, to reach their homes in their villages. They’ve to do so because of the unplanned sudden lockdown ignoring the crises of the laborers too. Many while walking through died. However, some daily wage workers in India also committed suicides.

The reason for the trouble to the daily wage workers is the silence and ignorance of the gov’ts. What if the Central gov’t didn’t come for help? The State govts should have taken care of. The tragedy continues as the battle for survival has become harder.

If people have enough money, they could have purchased from wherever they can. However, the reason for daily wage workers to be still in trouble is the middle class people, who’ve lost jobs. Most affected people in India are the people of middle class and beyond that poor turned to be poorer. And the middle class also battling for survival. The customers of the money makers on daily basis (includes daily wage workers) are mostly the middle class people. You have to understand this situation.

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