Tablighi Jamat Was Proved To Be Innocent But Still Cursed In India

Tablighi Jamat Was Proved To Be Innocent But Still Cursed In India

India is going through a very bad and pathetic phase under the BJP gov’t. No jobs, no revival of economy and also poverty is on the rise. The reason is fascism increased and most of the minds of BJP followers filled with hatred against Muslims. It’s not surprising that… Tablighi Jamat was proved to be innocent.

And the Muslim group though interacts with bad Muslims to make them good, blamed in India with numerous faults. They interact with Muslims only as charity starts from home. This is so because first you need to remove the Kachra from your community.

The word “Kachra” here means wrongdoing persons of their respective community (Wrongdoing Muslims). And the Tablighi Jamat do a bit to help bad Muslims (Kachra) become good Muslims and practice worshiping.

BJP followers, when learned from social media blame Tablighi Jamat while showing the news reports’ screenshots. The news media in India haven’t taken off what they reported, which was fake indeed. The Judges in India also after taking longtime found nothing faulty and tore the FIRs as hatred spreaders claimed. Again it’s a matter to reopen.

Tablighi Jamat Was Proved Innocent &

Tablighi Jamat was proved innocent while you can find online, where some channels still have fake news. And they’ve not yet deleted. Also in the text book of microbiology it was written that Tablighi Jamat spread Coronavirus.

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All the Jamat people were tested and were found negative to Coronavirus or Covid-19. What’s more disappointing is that they were projected as angry criminals. Moreover, they were blamed for throwing food, which was given to them in Hospitals. Also that they abused female nurses, all these proved as false claims.

The Court also told the Central gov’t that the least they can do is say Sorry to Tablighi Jamat. It’s so simple to create fake news while it’s tough to admit that what was done to the Jamat was wrong. It’s proved they were not guilty and yet cursed a lot every other day on social media.

However, the Tablighi Jamat people are so nice people that they make Muslims away from committing sins such as alcohol abuse. And they do their duty in such a way that many Muslims start praying 5 times prayers after their interaction with. Some Muslims never change so they do not force also. Forcing here mentioned as repeated requesting to bad Muslims to become good.

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