Mamata Banerjee accuses BJP of EVM hacking in Bengal Elections

Mamata Banerjee accuses BJP of EVM hacking in Bengal Elections

The long battle of replacing EVMs with ballot papers highlighted when Mamata Banerjee met Election Commission. She was unhappy while voters claimed when they voted it looked as if their votes went to BJP in this first phase. People and experts say that BJP would not get even 50 seats in entire India if EVMs not used. The second phase will be readying as Mamata Banerjee accuses BJP of EVM hacking.

Experts also says that with the economical and jobless crises brought by BJP, the voters are against BJP. And they’re unhappy with BJP. About 80% of Indians won’t like BJP in their respective states.

However, it was learned that TMC is a bit late to claim that EVMs are used to be hacked, but ballot paper voting would be the best. If Mamata Banerjee of TMC had already dismissed EVMs or fought against then it would be fair elections in Bengal. EVMs and VV-Pads are also have something, which benefits BJP only.

The fear of EVM hacking in Bengal Elections has now reached to some conclusion because it’s likely that results would go in favor of BJP. It’s so because Bengal people never can accept BJP to replace TMC including 80% of people hate BJP across India.

BJP wants to show that they’ve done all good in India and keep everyone blind as EVM hacking wasn’t used in Delhi elections cleverly. Now, opinion polls claimed that TMC on top while BJP looks to sweep Bengal. It would still be the results that would show a clear picture. And BJP is looking forward to win elections and nothing else.

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