BJP Claims We Do Good So Vote For BJP But What Good BJP Did?

BJP Claims We Do Good So Vote For BJP But What Good BJP Did?

Here’s the report that’s what BJP claims we do good so vote for BJP. Isn’t that the politics in India has become a money making business involving the support from news media whether online or Television? People still hope that BJP will do good in sometime while in their recent era of 7 years, they’ve not done a single good for the progress of India. Their schemes like make in India, and independent India, safe India, clean India, etc. failed. Yet, BJP claims we do good so vote for BJP. But for what?

In 2019, there was an inside Pulwama attack, which killed 40 CRPF soldiers. This wiped of the failures of BJP’s previous five years when they did fake surgical strikes in the vacant area of Pakistan. Pilot was caught and then released as a peace gesture. In 2020, they blamed the Tablighi Jamat to divert the minds of Indians from joblessness and poverty. Farmers also died in large numbers while protesting. But BJP leaders were quite even over the suicides of farmers continue as tragic. Yet, BJP never wants to help the farmers to accept the farmers’ demands.

Gov’t businesses or organizations whether profitable or not BJP keeps selling India to increase joblessness.

A Bit More On BJP Claims We Do…

Tablighi Jamat was proved to be innocent while BJP kept compiling news reports suggesting that virus outbreak in India was due to Tablighi Jamat. The court said BJP to say sorry at least to the Tablighi Jamat. Well, that was not over as people still taught that Tablighi Jamat is responsible for Covid-19 outbreak in India. But no Tablighi Jamat men was reported as positive to the virus. Then BJP did unplanned lockdown for 3 months after creating hype candle light fight against Covid-19.

Moreover, PM Modi provided the time also for drum beats to keep people say: “Go Corona Go”. Mishandling of the virus and its variants along with no maximized vaccinations, BJP claims we do good so vote for us. People demand jobs but BJP never helped in many of the crises or spoke about. The surrender to China also shows how weak is 56 inch PM of India. All said then done, BJP wants desperately to win elections and remain in power. This needs to be thought coolly for what BJP wants to be in power?

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