COVID Variants Will Be Deadly So Be Good For This Crises To Continue

COVID Variants Will Be Deadly So Be Good For This Crises To Continue

The situation around the World is not of creating terror or doing anything wrong as much as hate crimes. The situation is the crises that will continue for more years to come. And the situation is not to spread fake or unconfirmed reports. The situation is to be prepared as COVID variants will be deadly than you might imagine. “Don’t runaway from what’s coming in your way”. Say Experts. Be good to all and do help people in whatever way you can. It’s necessary for all of us to know that COVID variants will be deadly and where we’re going towards.

Sudden surges in virus positive cases will be alarming every year, because of the changing times. The change in the thoughts of the people are necessary. And the killing and atrocities of innocents around the World needs to end. One innocent life saved, is as if like the whole humanity saved. Said Zakir Naik referring to Quran verses.

The entire initial few verses of the 9th chapter Surah Toubah has been misunderstood because it never starts as usual as other chapters. It was told during the times of the war crimes, when truth speaking people were troubled. So, it was revealed as a warning to understand the situation as do or die.

Time is not the best for us to blame each other or create hate crimes with fake reports. People are trying their best to say as much lies as they can. But, truth will expose them then what they would do? Be cautious. Wear masks and maintain social distancing. Stay there wherever you might be. It’s time to fight new variants than fighting with each other.

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