H1B Visa Aspirants Look To Settle In USA As More Visas To Be Approved

H1B Visa Aspirants Look To Settle In USA As More Visas To Be Approved

Generally, bachelors, who can manage their laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. likely to find USA as the best place. And to earn money while enjoying free time in the USA, where plenty of fun places available. The best is not there in the United States for H1B visa aspirants because those pretty golden days are gone away. Still, USA can be the cheapest for Indians to get settled in.

It’s again a gamble because once you are in USA, you can’t afford to visit frequently to your home country. And importantly the flight costs and journey time is more, which can make you stay in USA for longtime.

Yes, your parents, relatives or siblings will be fine if you’re away from them for a period of 3 years. No issues here.

So Far So Good…

Indians need to understand that when they’re not born and brought up in USA then it’s not pretty cool place for them to survive. Many things matter but here H1B visa aspirants look to settle in USA. An American dream life that most Indians look forward to.

However, it’s pathetic to believe in making good money, and live better life in USA. This is so because if you’ve enough skills that can earn you jobs in the United States then why not in India? You’ll regret missing your country of birth. Having a daily fixed schedule and that too busier than what you would have in India will be hurting or troubling you.

HIB Visa Aspirants & Present Life In USA…

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You might be a tiger or a leopard but when you live Western life, you’ll be like a cat. And if you think you’re smarter then you’ll be caged leopard while thinking more to settle in USA. The life in the Western countries is organized and you’ll enjoy your stay there. But, you’ve to fight against cold weather and much more. You need to follow the rules and yes you would do so. However, it’s a life that can make you happy if once in couple of years you visit your home country.

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If earning money matters a lot to you then go ahead. Think about earning more and you would not be stopped to earn more in USA. The idea is fun of earning more in USA than in India, your land of birth. Remember one thing that nobody in USA not even your relatives care about your achievements. Only a bunch of friends during their own free time might be loyal to you.

Once you’re in USA, everything becomes commercial, which includes relations, friendship and social life. Yet, if you think that you can’t find a better job in your own country of birth then go ahead as H1B Aspirants from India look to settle in the United States.

Final Thoughts For H1B Visa Aspirants…

Friends, which you make there or relatives if you’ve there will not bother you or come for any help. But, in India, it’s the opposite, which you would likely to miss a lot. Everything or every matter, you need to solve or manage yourself. USA is your dream place to settle in. So, go ahead and work for everything as there would be no time for you to relax. People, who went to USA decades back become happy to enjoy US life after struggling for 6 to 7 years. So, think before you leave your own country.

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